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Oliveiras Milenares- Ancient Olive Trees, from the Soares dos Reis group is a company established in the Alentejo region in Portugal, that specializes in the recovery and transplant of olive trees.

With a deep knowledge of the whole geographical area of the Alentejo and its crops, this company purchases and sells olive trees.

The intense activity of olive oil production causes the olive groves to be renewed with young trees and with a higher production capacity for olives. This causes the cutting down of very beautiful old trees.  

Oliveiras Milenares – Ancient Olive Trees cuts down these trees without killing or destroying them and then markets them both in Portugal and in more remote places.

This is why the company’s motto is: "saving a tree ".



We are the only company in the World that certifies the age of the olive trees that it markets. This is the result of four years work in partnership with U.T.A.D, University of Trás-os Montes and Alto Douro which led to a dating method for ancient trees, patented by both institutions.
The possibility of obtaining certified dating through registered patent, allows the olive trees to be linked to relevant moments in history. The broadcasting of these moments that are linked unequivocally to the age of the olive trees also allows people to get to know relevant and important aspects of the history of their country.

Having an olive tree in a garden is having hundreds or thousands of years of history there.

Champalimaud Foundation

The Champalimaud Foundation, problaby the best Center of investigation in the World, trust us the work of certify the olives trees of the Foundation gardens. Visit of is Ex. The Portuguese President of the Republic Dr. Aníbal Cavaco Silva , to the Foundation in the 10 of july of 2012.


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